Welcome to Shoalstone Seawater Pool in the beautiful picturesque Brixham…

…where the beauty of the sea meets the joy of swimming. Our 53-meter outdoor pool is a haven for water enthusiasts and those seeking a refreshing escape. Dive into the embrace of pristine seawater and experience the unique charm of open-air swimming.

Welcome to a Refreshing Oasis: Nestled along the stunning Brixham coastline, Shoalstone Seawater Pool invites you to indulge in the pure bliss of outdoor swimming. Immerse yourself in the lovely waters of our 53-metre pool, where the sea breeze dances on the surface, and the breathtaking views stretch beyond the horizon.


Shoalstone is currently now closed for the season. A big thank you for all your support during 2023.


See you all in 2024!

Help us Save Shoalstone from the Waves…

what’s happened?

A crack is widening in the decking by the sea wall because the northwest corner of the pool is being pulled away toward the sea.


Every tide takes more of the 1920s concrete foundation away.
A violent storm could sweep it away overnight.
All our annual patching and repair work can no longer keep the waves back.


what’s next?

The engineers can stabilise the concrete and secure the northwest sea wall. The pool will be safe for the next generations.



Benefits of Outdoor Sea Water Swimming:


  • Revitalise Your Body and Mind: The natural elements of seawater, combined with the invigorating outdoor environment, create a revitalising experience for both body and mind.
  • Connect with Nature: Escape the confines of indoor pools and embrace the exhilarating sensation of swimming in harmony with nature. The open sky above and the sea below provide a unique connection to the elements.Skin-
  • Friendly Goodness: Seawater is known for its skin-friendly minerals, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after each swim. Say goodbye to the harsh chemicals found in traditional pools.
  • Boosted Immunity: The minerals present in seawater are believed to have immune-boosting properties, promoting overall well-being with every dip.
  • Fitness in the Fresh Air: Enjoy a full-body workout in the fresh coastal air.  Sea water swimming engages various muscle groups, offering a holistic approach to fitness.

Based on 336 reviews
Mike Page
Mike Page
Super place that the council should embrace.
kathryn hanson
kathryn hanson
It could do with a clean but seeing as we went the end of September then I really don't have any argument. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Katie Cook
Katie Cook
we fell in love with this place. It has lovely outside changing rooms, access is via steps to this area, but parking and toilets at car park at top of steps. water was chilly but not enough to put us off as we visited 3 times in a week! do calming and views straight out to sea. Magical place.
Sandra Aston
Sandra Aston
Swam on a grey chilly day. Enjoyed it. Great facilties. Vucky to be able to swim outdoors in a salt water pool thanks to the volunteers who maintain it
Philip Newcombe
Philip Newcombe
Supported with a small car park, the pool and beach are a classic attraction for family usage. A nice restaurant supports the area as well.
Lucy Pettitt
Lucy Pettitt
A great place for our little one to play in the seawater.

Your Seaside Escape Awaits


Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or a casual dipper, Shoalstone Seawater Pool welcomes you to a unique aquatic experience. Join us to bask in the beauty of Brixham, where the sea meets the pool, and every stroke is a celebration of nature’s wonders. Dive into serenity at Shoalstone Seawater Pool.



Shoalstone Pool is open for general swimming from May to September. There is no entry charge, but we do ask for a voluntary donation of £2.50 per swim or £6 per family to help cover our running costs.



Utilise our Shoalstone Seawater Pool Webcam, providing an amazing LIVE real-time view over the pool with a full panorama of Torbay.

We’d like to thank all our amazing sponsors…